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Customized Postcards

Creative communicating made simple and fun!

We've been brainstorming on a great way to say hello to the people you love the most and can't see in person right now.  Grandparents.  Besties.  Extended Family.  Friends.
We are collaborating with our favorite local artisan, Missy Patterson, to personalize our bamboo postcards with your own favorite photos or your kid's favorite masterpiece!  

Simply load your photo or photograph of your kid's artwork and follow the directions in the link's below.  Missy will do the rest.  She will create the postcard, the messaging on the back of the postcard and pop it in the mail for you.  If you'd like to message and sign your own card, she will send your postcard to the shop and we will call you to pick up curbside.  Turn around time is one week or less.

Don't you agree this is such a great idea?  Can you imagine Grandma and Grandpa receiving a hand written postcard with their grandkids artwork on the front?  Family sending family kisses and hugs?  Friends sending friends a cheer. Sending a new baby announcement or engagement?  How about the puppy or kitty you just adopted?  Endless ideas for a postcard that will be a treasured keepsake forever! 

Best thing ever .... it's a little old school.  Creative.  Handwritten.  From you!  Love that!

Vertical postcard

Horizontal postcard

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$14.00 each includes postage