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Make It Personal

Posted on October 09 2015

Make It Personal

Make it Personal!

Don’t miss out on these highly personalized, unique, hand crafted gifts!


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Gift giving has been around since Eve gave Adam the apple. A gift is a gesture of love and goodwill. It’s the thought that counts, right? What could be more thoughtful then a personalized gift from Tabula Rasa and Yorktown? A personalized gift shows someone you really care enough to not only take time to select an item the person will love but also add that extra touch with an initial or a special saying. A cheese board is always a nice gift but a monogrammed one will be more cherished and kept in higher regard by the receiver (and less likely to be re-gifted!)

So stop into Tabula Rasa and Yorktown sometime over the next few weeks to order personalized items for your family and loved ones in time for Christmas. Both giver and receiver will be quite pleased!

Perhaps if Eve had monogrammed the apple, Adam would have saved it instead of taking that bite and the world wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in today!