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Tabula Rasa Essentials

Large Tray Resin Trimmed Cleat Handles Board


Large dark wood table tray made from Acacia wood with deep ocean resin waves and boat cleat handles.  Crafted by local artisan, Amy. 

The resin waves are 100% food safe and have a super glossy finish to them.
This board makes the perfect coffee table tray, serving platter, bed in breakfast tray or a beautiful display piece in any room of your home.

20" long x 10.5" wide x .75" thick

Each boat cleat is 5.5" long

*Each piece is handmade and made to order, so the item you purchase may not be the exact item pictured above. Your order will be the same dimensions listed above as well as the same shape, color scheme and similar design/ wave formation(s). No two pieces are ever the exact same, that is the beauty of art :) If you would like to see the exact item you order before it ships, we are more than happy to send pictures over to make sure it's everything you hoped!

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