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Charge your Luck Earrings


Lapis is known in Greece as the original “Evil Eye”, also known as a great protector stone. The blue color symbolizes the sky, which has a high significance in reminding you to stay calm, focused, and concentrated. Although wearing this does not promise you prosperity or luck, Lapis will remind you to believe in yourself through the difficult times. 

    • 18k gold plated plus and minus balance studs
    • genuine lapis semi-precious stone
    • three sets of earring studs
    • nickel free with surgical steel posts
    • designed in Los Angeles, CA
    • charged in Sedona, AZ

All Charged Jewelry makes the pilgrimage to Sedona, Arizona to be charged in the middle of a high-energy vortex. When wearing Charged Jewelry, we encourage people to be reminded that throughout each negative in life, there is a positive circling close behind.

NATURAL GEMSTONE DISCLAIMER: Gemstones are natural materials and each gemstone is unique. Please note that our stone colors may vary slightly from piece to piece; making your Charged Jewelry truly one-of-a-kind and beautifully unique, just like you.